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Healthy Foods for a Healthy Smile

Food for Healthy Teeth | Chagrin Falls OH Dentist

You hear about the importance of eating a nutritious and balanced diet all the time. It decreases your risk of developing diseases and helps your body stay healthy. Did you know that good nutrition is also important for your oral health? It's true! Here is what you should know about healthy foods and your oral health.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are excellent for your teeth because they neutralize the acids that cause tooth decay. They also increase your saliva flow which helps to remineralize your teeth when they're affected by acids. Saliva also washes away the food debris and bacteria that contribute to plaque buildup.

On the contrary, eating ...

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Finding the Right Dentist in Chesterland

The Right Dentist | Chesterland OH

Choosing a general dentist in Chesterland who can meet the needs of your family might feel overwhelming

Your dentist will become a part of your family’s health care team, and it’s important to choose one who is a good fit. You have a lot to consider, from the feel of the office to the services offered… and whether or not your insurance is accepted!

What You Should Consider

We’ve compiled a checklist of some key considerations when choosing a dentist so you can feel confident when making your decision:

Can your new dentist see your entire family?Some dentists prefer not to see children or don’t have experience with the needs of seniors, and ...

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The Importance of Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort | Chagrin Falls

How important is patient comfort in dentistry?

It’s so important that it’s a huge factor in determining whether someone will receive the ongoing preventive care they need to stay healthy or leave and never come back.

Millions of people across the country struggle with dental anxiety – fear that their dental care won’t be comfortable. Fear that dental care is painful.

Dr. Brian Hivick, general dentist in Chesterland, and our entire team at Chagrin Family Dental, recognize the exceptional importance of your comfort, and we make it our top priority.

Part of the Solution

People avoid going to the dentist for a number of reasons. They may feel that they have no time, or ...

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5 Oral Health Consequences of Tobacco Use

Oral Health | Chagrin Falls OH | Effects of Tobacco Use

It’s no secret that smoking and other tobacco use has a detrimental effect on your health. You’re probably aware of the increased risks of lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease. But did you know about the negative effects that tobacco can have on your oral health?


Long Term Consequences of Tobacco Use

  1. Oral Cancer – This is a biggie. Tobacco use significantly increases your risk of developing oral cancer. This cancer can be deadly, mostly because it often isn’t caught on time. At Chagrin Family Dental Care, we screen for signs of oral cancer at every examination.
  2. Periodontal Disease – Periodontal (gum) disease is linked to a number of common health conditions, ...

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What You Need To Know About Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance | Chagrin Falls OH

While many people choose not to get dental insurance, it can be important to the health of you and your family, yet, finding the right dental plan can be overwhelming. It is recommended that you see your dentist about once every six months and dental insurance can help cover the costs of these exams as well as any procedures needed. Knowing what plans are out there and what they cover can help you determine the right coverage for you and your family.

Dental Insurance

What are your needs – People who take good care of their teeth and don’t often have any dental problems will generally be safe ...

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