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Patient Testimonials

Read on to find out what patients are saying about Dr. Hivick and Chagrin Family Dental! 

A Very Thorough Consultation

My experience with Dr. Hivick has been excellent. I was new to the area and searching for a dentist who was thorough and practical. After doing some research about local dentists, I sought a consultation with Dr. Hivick due to some sensitivity that I was having with a few of my teeth. After a very thorough consultation, Dr. Hivick provided me with some different options to fit my needs both personally and financially. I received two crowns and one filling and couldn't be happier with the appearance and quality of work. Thank you for taking pride in your work Dr. Hivick - that seems harder and harder to find nowadays. – Bryan W.

Happy With Invisalign

I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to go to Dr. Hivick for Invisalign. I never had traditional braces as a child and was unhappy with how my smile looked as an adult. Dr. Hivick did an excellent job explaining the treatment, cost, and maintenance before I started with Invisalign. Now that my treatment is complete I love hearing that most of my colleagues never even knew I had the retainers in! -- Brian P.

A Comfortable Root Canal

I started having pain on the upper left side of my mouth and it went on for a couple of days, so I knew I needed to get it checked. I called Dr. Hivick, and he saw me right away. He did a few tests on my tooth, an upper molar, and took an X-ray. He came to the conclusion that root canal treatment was needed. He did the entire procedure in one appointment. I was very comfortable the entire appointment, and Dr. Hivick was very professional and easy handed. I was a little sore afterwards, but the next day I felt great, no more pain. I would recommend Dr. Hivick to anyone looking for a great dentist! -- Melissa P.

Total Mouth Restoration

When I came to Dr. Hivick with many large fillings and spaces between my teeth, we worked together to develop a plan to restore my entire mouth, and I was not disappointed. He is calm, confident, gentle, and artistically talented. I put my trust in Dr. Hivick's ability, and I'm told almost daily what a beautiful smile I have thanks to him. I couldn't be happier with the quality and esthetics of his work. – Andrew P.