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Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Durable?

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Modern dentistry has made many advances both in techniques and the materials that are available to dentists. One of the best improvements came with the dawn of composite resin material. Composite fillings are both durable and aesthetically appealing because they can be blended to match your tooth.

Here are some other reasons that restorative fillings in Chagrin Falls with composite resin are an excellent choice.

Composite Resin Saves More of Your Natural Tooth

When placing your composite filling, your dentist doesn't have to remove as much tooth structure as metal amalgam fillings required, which means composite preserves more of your natural tooth. They are also bonded directly to your tooth, which adds strength ...

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Getting a Filling? Here's What You Should Know about Your New Restoration

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A new restorative filling doesn’t have to be a big deal when you have it done at our Chagrin Falls, OH family dental office. This is one of the most common procedures we perform. We use beautiful tooth-colored composite that blends in with your smile and composite fillings are less invasive.

We Put Comfort First

Whether treating children or adults, we make sure every patient feels comfortable and confident. If we anesthetize the tooth, we do so comfortably and use a topical numbing agent before we even get started.

Dentistry has come a long way in regards to pain-free dentistry.

Your Filling Will Match Your Teeth

Gone are the days of dark, metal fillings. ...

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