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Sleep Apnea Treatment - Easier than you might think

Sleep Apnea Treatment | Chagrin Falls OH

What is Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a debilitating condition that affects millions of Americans.  It is a condition characterized by episodes of cessation of breathing during sleep, and a reduction in the oxygen levels present in the body.  Although the main effect of this is a tired, fatigued feeling, a bigger problem lies below the surface.  Because the oxygen levels are reduced in those suffering from sleep apnea, the body responds to this by releasing hormones.  These hormones tend to increase heart rate and blood pressure to compensate for the drop in oxygen.  Long term, these hormones can cause hypertension and put extra stress on the cardiovascular system. ...

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Dental Radiography

Dental Radiography | Chagrin Falls OH

The Effects of Dental Radiology

There have been a couple interesting articles in the news the past year or so related to dental X-Rays and possible health implications related to having them done.  I wanted to share a few interesting facts to help put our patients at ease.  In our everyday lives, we are exposed to radiation that cannot be avoided.  The average person experiences about 3.1 mSv (millisieverts) of background radiation in one year.  In comparison, the average radiation experienced during a full mouth series of dental radiographs is 0.1 mSv. Four bitewing radiographs, which is what we take on average once per year, has a dose of about 0.005mSv. ...

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Post-Halloween Dental Care

Post Halloween Dental Care Chagrin Falls OH

As Halloween season has come and gone, a few important tips can help keep children's teeth healthy and strong. As with many foods/drink that can be harmful to our teeth, it is more about the frequency of consumption rather than the quantity we consume. Eating five pieces of candy once a day is not nearly as harmful to our teeth as eating one piece every 30 minutes for half the day. Whenever children want to eat some candy, allow them to have a couple pieces in one sitting, and then restrict the candy for the remainder of the day.

Keep Your Child's Teeth Clean Of Chocolate

Be sure after allowing the children ...

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