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Post-Halloween Dental Care

Post Halloween Dental Care Chagrin Falls OH

    As Halloween Season has come and gone, a few important tips can help keep our children's teeth healthy and strong.  I can remember the times after trick or treating coming home and dumping out the large bag of candy I had accumulated throughout the neighborhood.  I would pick through and find my favorite pieces and immediately want to eat every single one of them.  My parents, though, would restrict me to only a couple pieces each day.  As with many foods/drink that can be harmful to our teeth, it is more about the frequency of consumption rather than the quantity we consume.  Eating five pieces of candy once a day is not nearly as harmful to our teeth as eating one piece every 30 minutes for half the day.  Whenever the children want to eat some candy, allow them to have a couple pieces in one sitting, and then restrict the candy for the remainder of the day.

   Be sure after allowing the children to have some candy that they brush their teeth within 30 minutes to remove the sugar that collects on the teeth.  This sugar is the fuel that feeds the bacteria present in every person's mouth and creates the harmful acids that can break down teeth.  Even I enjoy having a piece of candy every once in awhile, but be sure to enjoy it in moderation and thoroughly clean the teeth afterwards.