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What to Know before Getting Dental Implants

November 3, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Brian M. Hivick
Getting Dental Implants in Chagrin Falls, OH

Most people have felt that burst of pain when you unintentionally bite down on your tongue or cheek while enjoying something especially savory. The reason it hurts so much is that your jaws are powerful. In fact, they can exert up to 160 pounds per square inch of force against your teeth, which is about the same force a hammer exerts on a nail.

So, one of the first things you should appreciate about your teeth is how resilient they need to be to do their jobs. And if you’re a person who’s damaged a tooth, then it’s unlikely to stand up to intense chewing pressure. Put these factors together, and it’s easy to understand why people who’ve lost teeth would want an equally robust replacement.

At Chagrin Family Dental Care, we can help address your missing teeth for the long term. Dental implants in Chagrin Falls, OH, are the best choice we can offer. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

What You Should Appreciate About Missing Teeth

From the moment you lose a tooth, it’s like turning an hourglass where time begins to run out for your adjoining teeth. Though your main concern might be a potentially gappy smile, a missing tooth has several other adverse effects, among them being:

  • Chewing pressure applied to your remaining teeth
  • Those teeth shift toward the gap
  • Lack of chewing pressure also diminishes bone

What Are Dental Implant Advantages?

Now that you know how vital it is to replace lost teeth, you can choose between your options. The Chagrin Family Dental Care team can offer tooth replacement options like dentures or dental bridges, but dental implants provide advantages these appliances don’t.

First, a dental implant is so much like a natural tooth that it can last a lifetime. Because we place it directly into your jawbone, a dental implant offers unparalleled stability and strength. Dental implants are also versatile. Our dentists can use them to replace a single tooth or even to support an entire denture. You can support a whole mouth reconstruction with a few dental implants.

Can Anyone Get a Dental Implant?

If dental implants sound great, your first step is to arrange an exam and consultation so Dr. Hivick can determine your candidacy. We use digital x-rays and other precision imaging technology to assess your bone structure.

One reason to avoid replacing missing teeth is that your jawbone will lose density over time. In addition, if you wait to seek a dental implant procedure, your bone may not be strong enough to support the implantation procedure, and you may need a bone graft.

Dental Implants in Chagrin Falls, OH

If you have missing teeth, don’t let the clock run out the teeth you have left. Dental implants are a fantastic option for people who want the best possible teeth replacement available today.

To learn more, we recommend you call our office and schedule an appointment that can start you down the road to a fully intact smile.

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