Root Canals and Extractions in Chagrin Falls, OH

woman holding jaw from pain before root canalAt Chagrin Family Dental, we take every precaution possible to protect your teeth and prevent decay, infections, and other problems. Unfortunately, sometimes teeth can still become infected or damaged to the point where simple fixes are no longer possible.

Dr. Hivick is skilled in the art of root canal therapy, a procedure that can help us save a tooth that might otherwise be lost, and extractions for when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or is affecting the health of the teeth around it.

We also understand that dental emergencies tend to arise at the most inopportune times and that many situations require immediate attention. Dr. Hivick encourages all patients with dental emergencies, whether you are new to our office or an existing patient, to call us with any type of emergency dental situation. We are committed to providing timely care to those in need.

Root Canals in the 44022 Area

Damage caused by large cavities or trauma can cause the nerve in a tooth to become irritated to the point where it must be removed to provide relief. This is the purpose of a root canal procedure.

During a root canal, the nerve of the tooth is removed and the tooth is disinfected. The root canal of your tooth, a natural part of your tooth’s anatomy, is then sealed to prevent re-infection.

Following a root canal, the treated tooth will often require a crown to ensure its long-term stability, but this is not always the case. Dr. Hivick will thoroughly discuss the procedure with you ahead of time and let you know what you can expect.

Despite the root canal’s bad reputation, most patients who have actually had a root canal describe it as being as easy as a simple filling since your tooth will be sufficiently numbed with a local anesthetic to prevent any discomfort.

woman smiling Tooth Extractions in Chagrin Falls

Teeth may require extraction for a number of reasons. Sometimes the tooth becomes infected or damaged beyond repair, sometimes teeth need to be removed to allow for adequate space for orthodontic treatment, and sometimes stubborn wisdom teeth become impacted and require surgical removal.

An impacted tooth is one that never fully emerged from the bone or soft tissue. Gum tissue may partially or completely cover the surface of the tooth. This condition can be painful, and it can also leave you more prone to infections and even tooth decay. Not everybody requires wisdom teeth removal, but if you are having trouble, call our office and schedule an examination with Dr. Hivick. He will assess the condition of your wisdom teeth and determine whether extraction is an appropriate solution.

Dr. Hivick provides full extraction services and has received advanced training in a hospital-based setting, which allowed for significant experience in the field of oral surgery. No matter the reason why an extraction has become necessary, Dr. Hivick is available to meet your oral surgery needs.

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