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Looking for Alternatives to CPAP Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

October 27, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Brian Hivick, DDS
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Do you have sleep apnea but find it difficult to live with a CPAP machine? While effective, many Chagrin Falls, OH patients feel uncomfortable wearing a mask while sleeping, find the machine too noisy, or get tangled in the hose while sleeping.

Yet, not treating sleep apnea could lead to some serious health conditions, not to mention reduced good rest.

If you're ready to quit CPAP therapy, we have great news for you!

 Alternatives to CPAP Therapy in Chagrin Falls

Ready for a viable solution to a CPAP mask? Dr. Hivick offers alternative sleep treatments that may align better with your lifestyle and needs. Oral appliances can treat mild to moderate sleep apnea, ending snoring, and enhancing your night of sleep.

Dental appliances work by positioning your lower jaw forward and/or preventing the tongue from blocking the throat. By keeping the airway open while you sleep, we can reduce the cause of sleep apnea. 

The Difference Dental Appliances Make

Oral appliances can change your life. Many have an extremely high success rate with patients, with many reporting an improvement in sleep quality. Unlike a mask, which can feel claustrophobic, you won't be restricted in your movements.

Patients can still open and close their mouths, take a drink, or speak clearly.

Call Us to Learn More About Oral Appliances

At Chagrin Family Dental Care, we care about your oral health and quality of life. Dr. Hivick can help determine the best oral appliance for you. Our high-quality brands include the TAP appliance, the Myerson EMA appliance, and SomnoDent appliances. Many appliances work by advancing your lower jaw to open the airway.

If your CPAP is making your life harder rather than easier, let us discuss your alternatives. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Hivick will determine the severity of your sleep apnea, your airway structure, and your medical history before going over your best treatment plan. Sleep apnea treatment in Chagrin Falls is easier than you think!

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