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3 Surprising Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

March 15, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Brian M. Hivick
Cosmetic Dentistry | Chagrin Family Dental

Are you satisfied with the appearance of your smile? If not, did you know that there are many options for cosmetic dentistry that can enhance your smile? You may be surprised to learn that you have options for improving your teeth that are efficient and cost-effective. Here are 3 surprising cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Dental Bonding

Many patients don't realize that the same composite resin material used for dental fillings can also be used for bonding. Composite can be custom shaded to match your teeth and dental bonding can be completed in only one appointment. This treatment is ideal for restoring your smile by repairing issues such as:

  • Small chips and fractures
  • Exposed roots
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps or spacing
  • Size discrepancies


Many patients think that in order to straighten teeth, you have to wear metal brackets and wires. Invisalign has changed orthodontics by utilizing clear plastic aligners to move your teeth instead of traditional braces. Aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours per day in order to achieve the desired results, however, they can be removed for eating and brushing. Because they're fabricated from clear plastic, they're virtually invisible, making them a great option for adults looking to straighten their teeth with discretion.

Teeth Whitening in Chagrin Falls

Sometimes your smile just needs a quick boost, and you might be surprised to learn what a huge impact whitening your teeth can make! Many patients feel that whitening literally removes years from their appearance. At Chagrin Family Dental Care, we'll create custom-fit trays based on impressions of your teeth. The trays are designed to fit snugly so they protect your gum tissue from the damage and injury that excess whitening gel can cause. With take-home trays, you'll have the freedom to whiten your teeth at home and update your smile whenever you like!

Your cosmetic dentist in Chagrin Falls, OH wants to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Contact Chagrin Family Dental Care to learn more about your options for cosmetic dentistry.


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