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What can I do about my dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a real fear for many people, and at our Chagrin Falls, OH dental clinic we understand that. Rest assured you are not alone.

Common Dental Fears

  • They are afraid of needles
  • They dislike the sound and vibration of the drill
  • They fear feeling pain
  • They are embarrassed about the state of their oral health

If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, one of the best ways to overcome this is to find a sympathetic dentist who will go out of the way to ensure your comfort. Ask family and friends for recommendations of a trusted dentist with whom you can build a good relationship.

How Modern Dentistry Helps

You should also know that with today’s modern dental technology, most procedures are either painless or can be with the use of a local anesthetic. Because a numbing gel is applied to the gums before the injection takes places, the tiny needle stick will not hurt.

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At Chagrin Family Dental Care, we will never judge you based on the current state of your oral health or make you feel embarrassed if it’s been a while since your last visit to the dentist. We just want to set you on the path for good oral health in the future.


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