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Is there drilling involved with composite fillings?

Yes, drilling is required with composite fillings because we first need to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. However, there's nothing to worry about because we will numb the tooth using a strong local anesthetic that prevents you from experiencing pain.

Pain-Free Dental Fillings in Chagrin Falls, OH

The goal of placing a composite tooth filling is to restore a tooth to full health and comfortable function. Removing the decay prevents it from spreading, and the filling strengthens the tooth to compensate for the minimal tooth structure we remove.

Trust an Experienced Dentist

Dr. Hivick is an experienced dentist in Chagrin Falls, OH, who places multiple tooth fillings every day and is skilled in the art of giving comfortable injections. He will carefully explain why a filling is necessary and use a digital x-ray to show you the cavity so you can understand how treating it will benefit you.

Dr. Hivick's expertise and caring nature ensure your comfort from the moment you are seated in our dental chair.

Do You Need a Composite Dental Filling?

If you're due for an exam or have a cavity and need a dental filling in Chagrin Falls, please call Chagrin Family Dental Care. We look forward to helping you with your family's dental needs.

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