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I have sleep apnea, but I have hard time with my CPAP. What are my alternative options to CPAP therapy?

sleep apnea treatment | chagrin falls oh One of the most common sleep apnea treatments is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. With this therapy, a mask is worn over your nose during sleep. The mask provides continuous airflow into the nose and mouth to keep the airway open. 

While this sleep disorder therapy is effective, some patients have a hard time sleeping with a mask on. The machine can make noise which could disturb the patient or their partner. Many people don't use CPAP even when prescribed. The transition to wearing a nasal air mask can be difficult for people, especially if the mask is not a good fit or the settings are too high. 

What Are My Best Alternatives to CPAP Therapy?

Dr. Hivick at Chagrin Family Dental Care understands that CPAP therapy may not be effective for everyone. If you find it difficult to sleep with a CPAP, or if your partner is disturbed by the noise from the machine—you may be interested in an oral device that keeps your airway free by repositioning your lower jaw. 

Some of the oral appliance therapy devices we use in our Chagrin Falls, OH dental office, include the Myerson EMA appliance, the TAP appliance, and appliances from SomnoDent. We know that your sleep is essential to you, and comfort is crucial in order to relax. 

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If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea but have a hard time adjusting to CPAP therapy, give Chagrin Family Dental, located in Chagrin Falls, a call today. Dr. Hivick will work hard to provide you with the good night's sleep you deserve. 

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