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Is snoring related to sleep apnea?

sleep apnea treatment | stop snoring | chagrin fallsDo you feel consistently tired even after a full night's rest, or do you have a partner that complains about your snoring? If so, you may have a serious condition called sleep apnea. If you are interested in learning more about sleep apnea, contact Chagrin Family Dental Care today. 

How Serious Can Snoring Be?

Snoring can be more than just a nightly annoyance for your partner—it keeps you (and them) from quality rest. Did you know that more than 90 million Americans snore every night, and obstructive sleep apnea causes about half of our snoring? Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, while those with the sleep disorder almost always snore.

Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing is obstructed, waking you up in the middle of your sleep. Regular snoring doesn't always wake the snorer up and is more of a hindrance to sleep mates than to your health. 

How Does Sleep Apnea Snoring Look Like?

What's the difference between regular snoring and sleep apnea? You can pay attention to some tell-tale signs of sleep apnea: waking up during sleep choking or gasping for breath, drowsiness, and fatigue throughout the day, and sleeping open-mouthed. People with sleep apnea tend to be louder snorers and do so almost nightly.

If you think your partner has sleep apnea, pay attention to their breathing. Do you sometimes notice that they hold their breath, or stop breathing? If you pay attention, you'll hear them gasp for air or even make a choking sound. They may not wake up directly, but their sleep is interrupted and disturbed. 

Not all snoring is related to sleep disorders; there are other reasons why you're snoring, including:

  • Age
  • Health and weight
  • Sinus congestion
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Medication
  • Sleeping on your back

Please Contact Our Chagrin Falls Office

If you snore and notice that your day-to-day life is affected by lack of sleep, call your Chagrin Falls, OH dentist to be evaluated for sleep apnea.


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